Virtualbox mac os x guest on windows host

This affects mainly Windows and Oracle Solaris guests, but possibly also some Linux kernel Mac OS X guests can only run on a certain host hardware.
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Please can you upload ot provide Got exactly the same problem, was trying to get XCode running and cant install because it says the version of MacOS is not compatible. An updated image would be very appreciated, thanks! Every thing is fine and do it good but virtual box start only black screen occur can not run macOS. First, really big thanks for the detailed guide! Thank you very much for this guide. Could you please help me?

Same Error here on Ryzen7 X. On Intel Xeon working fine.

Step One: Create a macOS High Sierra ISO File

Latest Bios intalled. Damn, what a pity….

Hello, I had the same error, to solve it I had to place another line to the ones we added in CMD, we have to close the virtual machine and the virtual box, after the same way we did in step 3 we have to add this line:. Apparently it is to indicate the type of processor that is going to avirtualize, I do not know if it works with other parameters but at least it worked for me. Thank you very much! Had an infinite boot loop, but after installing the exact Virtual Box version it worked. I see a comment that say iphone not detected… I have the same problem, the OS installs ok, but i can get the iphone detected in the guest OS, is there any fix to the problem?

I had to follow these steps: Install Virtual Box 5. Follow all steps 3. When I tried to run the VM in 5. I closed Virtual Box and upgraded to the latest version 5. Run Virtual Box 6. Run Mac image previously set up and boom, it works! For all the users with the boot loop error, you need to close VirtualBox then rerun VirtualBox Code and reopen the application.

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You are my hero! This needs to be added to the actual post with so many people experiencing this issue. Hi Thank you so much for this guide. I have done everything and start it. Could you please guide me?! Thank you.

Install Mac OS X El Capitan on Virtual Box Regardless of the Host Operating System

Hey Joel I believe you need at add CD in from of the code to work. I get pretty far into the boot sequence but then it starts showing the below error multiple times and eventually times out and never finishes boot: First I set up everything using the current version of VirtualBox, then I redid it all using the older version listed above on this page. No difference. I am able to connect USB..

Step Two: Create Your Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

After reading through the comments, was able to successfully install and run macOS High Sierra. Even dragging around the mouse is annoying. Any way to speed up my VM? Maybe have to allocate more RAM or something? Set the image type to Mac OSX 64 bit as mentioned above 2. Close VirtualBox Manager!!!

How to Install macOS High Sierra in VirtualBox on Windows 10

Re-run the CMD line commands. Even if you ran them before, run them with the VBox Manager closed 4. The VM should boot now! This is my first time, using virtualbox so excuse my stupidity, everything works fine mac loads etc but every time i run virtualbox mac has to be installed again is there anyway to save the state so when i run it picks up where i was previously without having to reinstall mac everytime.

Taking all those points into account and trying not to complicate things, I thought I'd start over from the beginning again and the easiest option seemingly was to set-up a bridged adaptor connection and then in Windows XP manually specify the same IP addresses that the host has been assigned.

But this didn't work either - the guest was unable to ping the router and the host got automatically assigned a different IP address after a Finder alert appeared saying that another computer on the network was already using the same IP address. Name en1: Wi-Fi AirPort Worked for me, too. Looking at your host's WiFi adapter's IP address you will find that the address assigned to it is from the This is the reason for the issue as now the Nat driver for VirtualBox is confused by the fact that the host and guest addresses are from the same subnet.

I know this is more than likely not the issue with most, but after many hours of trying to fix my internet connection from a Mac Air host to an Virtual Box XP guest I finally went into my network settings in XP and realized that the network was disabled. Hopefully most are smart enough to look here first, but I wasn't.

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  6. Again the law of parsimony proves true. Hope this helps some other poor dumb bastard. I tried all of this but it did not work for me, instead I tried to shutdown vb mac and go to the settings in the "Network" part and enable all "Adapters" like in the screenshots. It works for me. Tab 1: Tab 2: Tab 3: Tab 4: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

    Details are as follows: Virtualbox 4. Thanks for any assistance! Noel Whitemore Noel Whitemore 1 4 Bridged adapter works for me just fine. Eventually the virtual machine will reboot again, this time into macOS High Sierra. But a lot of the basic stuff should work. Have fun! If you try to change the resolution from within macOS, however, you will see no option to do so. Instead, you need to enter a few commands. Shut down your Virtual Machine by shutting down macOS: You need to run the following two commands:. In the second command, you need to replace the N with a number from one to five, depending on what resolution you want:.

    Start up VirtualBox, load up your virtual machine, and it should boot to your preferred resolution! From now on, you can open VirtualBox for any Mac-related testing you want to do. One more thing: Samuels, without whom I could not have updated this guide for High Sierra. Thank you so much!

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