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The Lahad Datu standoff was a military conflict that started on 11 February and fully a team of General Operations Force (GOF) members led by two officers discover a cache of weapons comprising two M14 rifles, one Uzi.
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Pencarian pesawat MAS itu memasuki hari ketujuh hari ini.

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Seorang daripada kaunselor yang ditempatkan di Hotel The Everly di sini, Juwairiyah Jaafar berkata, maklumat yang disalurkan itu dilihat dapat membantu anggota keluarga menentukan apakah langkah perlu dilakukan selepas ini. Jelas Juwairiyah, berbanding sebelum ini, semua anggota keluarga kini sudah bersedia menerima sebarang kemungkinan dan lebih mengambil pendekatan kerohanian.

Juwairiyah berkata semua kaunselor yang berada di lokasi 24 jam bersedia berjumpa dengan anggota keluarga pada bila-bila masa. Sebanyak orang daripada 38 keluarga ditempatkan di hotel itu sejak 9 Mac lepas bagi mengikuti perkembangan terkini operasi mencari dan menyelamat MH, selain turut menerima khidmat kaunseling dan sokongan moral daripada kaunselor JKM dan sukarelawan pelbagai pertubuhan. Menurut Rohani, JKM juga menghantar kaunselor untuk memberi khidmat kaunseling kepada sebuah keluarga di Ipoh, Perak yang tidak mahu datang ke sini kerana ingin bersama anggota keluarga lain.

Pada awal Sabtu lepas, pesawat MAS Boeing yang membawa penumpang dan 12 anak kapal dari Kuala Lumpur ke Beijing dilapor hilang daripada radar kira-kira sejam setelah berlepas dari Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur pada Operasi mencari dan menyelamat yang memasuki hari keenam hari ini masih gagal mengesan pesawat itu.

Operasi disertai oleh 42 kapal dan 39 pesawat membabitkan 12 negara. As the multinational hunt entered day six for the Beoing aircraft,which suddenly disappeared from radar early Saturday morning while carrying people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, no solid leads about its whereabouts have been found so far.

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The Chinese government, he said, urges all parties involved in the search to enhance coordination so as to locate the missing plane as soon as possible. Among the passengers aboard the ill-fated plane, are Chinese. The images, which were captured around 11 a. Sunday, show that the objects measure 13 by 18 meters, 14 by 19 meters and 24 by 22 meters, respectively, said SASTIND, adding that the discovery is being analysed. According to the agency, the objects were spotted in the South China Sea at 6.

It remains unclear whether the suspicious items originate from the missing plane. Previously detected pieces of debris have all turned out to be false alarms.

Daily Express Online, Sabah, Malaysia.

In yet another twist of the mystery around MH, Malaysian Air Force chief Rodzali Daud told reporters in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday that an unidentified object was plotted on military radar at 2: Saturday over the northern Malacca Strait. The last definitive sighting on civilian radar was recorded around 1: We are still corroborating this. The air force chief denied reports that military radar tracked MH flying over the Strait of Malacca, but he did not rule out the possibility that the aircraft might have turned back before disappearing.

In order to help unravel the mystery and find the plane as soon as possible, the Civil Aviation Administration of China CAAC has proposed sending an expert team to Malaysia.

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More than 80 ships and planes from around a dozen contributors are now combing the waters on both sides of the Malaysian peninsula to locate the missing plane. The most urgent task now is to speed up the search and rescue operations, said Guo Shaochun, head of a Chinese task force, at a press conference held in the Chinese embassy in Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft is equipped with radar and electro-optic sensors, it said. At the mention of Malaysia to some people in the streets of Vancouver, a few of the responses Bernama received were: Have they found the jetliner yet?

2013 Lahad Datu standoff

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